About Us



Our Goal is Smiling Horses and Smiling Riders……


Doyle Farm Horses is a special little place nestled amongst giant oak and poplar trees on the border of Kentucky and Tennessee. We are about 45 minutes north of Nashville, TN and 25 minutes south of Bowling Green, KY.

IMG_0416Our specialty is building a balanced and focused connection of wellbeing between horse and rider. We combine the teachings of Dressage, western horsemanship, mindfulness and focus through movement. Our goal is smiling horses with smiling riders. Period.

Doyle Farm and Doyle Farms Horses was established in 2008. I apprenticed under Ed Rothkranz for 12 years in dressage and jumping at his farm, Rhineland Stud Farm. After Ed’s death in September 2011, I felt it was very important to continue the legacy started by Ed Rothkranz and Rhineland Stud Farm. It is Doyle Farm’s goal to continue to train horses in the kind and gentle manner Ed Rothkranz taught his many students. I was also actively involved with the sales of the Rhineland Stud Farm horses bred by Ed. I continue to teach many of Ed’s students as well as train horses to the highest levels of Dressage keeping true to his teachings while also incorporating my experience in western horsemanship. I was lucky enough to get to learn from Ray Hunt until his death as well as his student, Buster McLaury and wife, Sheryl.  I also do a lot of performance coaching online so I often incorporate the principles of energetic wellbeing into the mix. I am a Dressage enthusiast at heart however, and do my best to blend dressage, with horsemanship and energy work to create a transformational experience for both horse and rider. I welcomes ALL horses and am able to help many different kinds of riders and horses find a balanced and productive connection. If you would like more specifics on my training technique and experience, visit the services page HERE.

Josette and Tonto Pony having funLauren welcomes visitors and many people find the farm an invigorating sanctuary of peace, friendship and learning.