Many of you may know I have worked in the Aesthetic Medicine industry for many years, close to 10 to be exact.

With that said, when it comes to products I am the BIGGEST skeptic out there. I am of the philosophy, if they don’t come from a professional aesthetic setting, they are probably, sub-par.

For the most part, I’m right.

HOWEVER, I don’t love harmful chemicals.

There are many, many, many products on the market that are “effective” but are LOADED with toxic chemicals! The problem? GOOD LUCK finding a product line that is effective yet, lacks harmful chemicals. Even if you find an “organic” line, I haven’t found one that is really great at anti-aging and many feel like “goop”. Not only that, they are incredibly expensive!


About a year ago, a couple of friends of mine started talking about a new skincare line that was dedicated to safe ingredients. Being the forever skeptic when it came to skincare, I half heartedly told them. “that’s great!” while I thought in my head, “Good luck with that”.

I was interested to see their journey with it however, and I was curious to see what their skin would look like in a few months. As a side note, one friend was very, “all natural”. She uses primarily homeopathic medicine and essential oils. She eats as close to 100% organic as possible. The other, used ALL products purchased at a plastic surgery and medical spa offices. She is very in-the-know in the aesthetic medicine industry and we used several of the same products. In fact, I was completely shocked when she was telling me she was going to use this new “safe ingredient” skincare. 

Fast forward 3 months; I am in shock!!!!

My “all natural” friend’s skin looked Ah.Maze.Zing. So with her, I thought, well it’s good she got some decent skincare. But I have to admit, I was intrigued.

Then I saw my fellow aesthetic medicine skeptic friend. Her skin also looked AMAZING!!! She had stopped using all her medical products and was using strictly the “safe ingredients” product.

I had to know more.

Did you know most chemicals in cosmeceuticals do NOT need to be disclosed?

Did you know ingredients like “fragrance” and “emollients” can have up to 14 ingredients within them, most of them being toxic chemicals??

Did you know the terms “all natural” can be put on anything and that there are no regulatory guidelines in place to use this claim?

I have to admit, I didn’t know much of that either.

I asked my friends to show me the skincare line they had been talking about. I was so impressed, I made a decision.

I wanted to have the CONVERSATION with my clients and friends about chemicals in skincare and the need for safe ingredients. I wanted EVERYONE I KNOW have the opportunity to choose SAFE and EFFECTIVE skincare for themselves and their family. I wanted EVERY plastic surgery, dermatology and Aesthetic medicine practice I talk to have the opportunity to offer a safe ingredient option to their patients, especially their cancer patients.

Therefore, I am PROUD to introduce,

logoThe first ever skincare line with extensive SAFE INGREDIENT sourcing that is affordable, scientifically backed (very important!) and EFFECTIVE.

If you are interested in trying this line as a consumer or as an aesthetic practice, check out my web page connected with BeautyCounter or message me at:

If you live close by I will make arrangements to bring some by for you to try and if not, I will send some to you to try!

Don’t go another day of slathering harmful chemicals into and onto your body. Be a part of the movement!