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At the request of many students, I finally have a booking page!
*Keep in mind booking prices are for under 50 miles. Anything over 50 miles up to 70 miles is $10 more per person/ horse and subject to gas mileage as well. Anything over 70 miles are subject to clinic prices. Please contact me with questions.



10842354_10206114256639702_4514930662983791485_oYou now have the convenient option to book packages and single sessions online with your card so you don’t have to hand me a check each time! Options include Private lessons (just you and me), Semi- private (fun with a friend!) and single lessons. Once you check out you will be directed to a page with directions on how to book your lessons. See you soon! (lessons must be used within one year of booking)

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DSCF4307I LOVE working with children and horses. You have the option here to buy packages for your children as well as book for multiple children. Simply click the package you want and add the number of children at checkout. Once you checkout you will be directed to a page with instructions on how to book your lessons. See you and your children very soon! (all lessons must be used within one year of booking)

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Clinics are great opportunities to get together with fun people in a positive learning environment. Often the joy of a clinic is the social aspect that goes along with the learning. I always try to create a clinic environment that is open, fun, friendly and light. I love meeting new people, seeing new places, and reuniting with old friends. Each horse is a puzzle to unlock so getting the opportunity to meet new horses is always fun for me too!

Often times we cover a wide array of subjects in a clinic setting, from Ground work and Double Lunging to horse and human energy to Improving Grand Prix dressage movements. Everything I have you work on will be putting the horse’s balance and welfare, physically and mentally, first. As a result, you are in a much safer position, physically and mentally as well. There is very often a mix of fancy warmbloods to gaited horses to western saddles to jumpers.

Read an article here written by one participants experience at a Lauren Doyle Clinic (pages 3-5)!

You can view the current Clinic Schedule here.

If you are interested in booking a clinic, please contact me for details and availability as these are often subject to change.