Spring Equestrian Club 2018 is Here!

It’s hard to believe spring semester of 2018 is upon us. Where did the time go? Due to popular request, You can now choose a two-day option. Joining for 2 days a week will allow your child to progress much faster in their horsemanship and riding skills. We will be able to progress to more […]

Summer is right around the corner! This Summer we have a few options for you. First off, we will continue Equestrian Club every Wednesday! Pick-up at 2:30 and drop off at 6:15 meeting at Stockdale’s parking lot. Some parents have volunteered to carpool so let me know if you would be interested in that. If […]

Receiving the KDA Professional Grant

I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Kentucky Dressage Association’s Professional Grant for 2016. I was very excited to receive this Grant and was published in their monthly newsletter, The Impulsion. Here is the link part 1 of the article. Revel in my vulnerability, haha;) Part 2 coming Soon!

***LORRI ROTHERT HAS WON THE SADDLE RAFFLE. CONGRATULATIONS LORRI! *** I love doing nice things for people, but I don’t get to do nice things for people I know often enough. Therefore, this holiday season I decided it would be fun to do something nice for Ed’s wife, Helga. Now, she has NO IDEA I […]

A very strange thing happened last Sunday. My husband, John, was driving to Tennessee and he saw a bunch of trash on the road. He was upset and pulled over to pick it up, and realized it was a bag of clothes complete with undergarments, stuffed animals and books. He got a strange feeling (too […]

I have a LOT of pictures and film of me riding with out a helmet. I have always been pretty ambivalent about helmet usage. Recently however, I have had a real change of heart. In the past, I wore a helmet when I was on questionable young horses only. I have often gotten the “eye” […]

Hope has finally inspired me to start blogging. It is an intimidating undertaking; I must admit. It is like having a living room discussion with your horse-buddy with an audience listening in. “What finally inspired me?” you may ask. It really was my horse Bamboleo. Last December, I decided to bring him to a schooling […]

  Our specialty is Dressage and Cross-Training Horsemanship  We can: tune up your horse to be sensitive and light the way you always dreamed condition and train your youngster to become the confident, safe horse you envisioned put the finishing touches on your horse from green to grand prix re-establish basics for better upper-level movements […]