Ed Rothkranz

Ed Rothkranz, a German native, was best known as a beloved Dressage clinician and trainer. Ed was not only the teacher of the Canadian Mounted Police during their hey day in the 1980s and 90s, but he made it to the Canadian Olympic Dressage Team in 1980 where he competed in Goodwood England (due to the USSR boycott) on his mount, My King. He then moved to Adolphus, KY where he founded Rhineland Stud Farm.



He continued to breed, train and teach until his death in September 2011. He was a consummate advocate of the horse and he dedicated his life to teaching people to train happy, healthy and confident athletes. His humor, wit and wisdom will be sorely missed by many. You can now learn more about Ed’s teachings and Lauren’s continuation of his teachings throughout this site or at ClinicHorsemanship.com.

Ed and Muli Stallion