Ed Rothkranz Saddle Raffle


I love doing nice things for people, but I don’t get to do nice things for people I know often enough.

Therefore, this holiday season I decided it would be fun to do something nice for Ed’s wife, Helga. Now, she has NO IDEA I am doing this!

After Ed’s death, she gave me one of Ed’s saddles. It was one that was given to him in a horse deal, but he treasured it as a collector’s item.









This saddle is Truly a RARE FIND. It is a Waldhausen Willi Schultheis original. Many of you may not know that Ed was inspired by Schultheis. He was one of his favorite riders to watch in warm-ups during shows back in Germany and was one of the people he said he “stole information with his eyes” from.


IMG_1110 IMG_1106
















I am holding a raffle for this saddle!

The proceeds from the saddle raffle will have 2 purposes.

  • 50% will go to Helga Rothkranz
  • 50% will be used to care for Ed’s horses that were placed in my stewardship.

As I said, Ed kept this as a collector’s item in his home. Included with the saddle, will be copies of the letters written to Ed from the Officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who credited him with the success of the RCMP breeding program as well as crediting him with vastly improving their training program during that time.

The drawing will be held Monday December 21st.

You may purchase your raffle tickets here, $10/ ticket

*There is no limit to the amount of tickets you can buy. Winner will be announced here on the website, via the Doyle Farm Horses Facebook page as well as email. The drawing will be postponed if less than 10 tickets are purchased before Dec 21st.


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