Energy Work

Yes, It’s true…..

Energy is all around us. It is what keeps each and every one of our cells moving and functioning. It is what gets us up in the morning and is what is missing if we feel stuck or drained.

10409236_796400140429229_6258498699266078553_nEnergy just…. IS. We know when we have a lot of it, we know when we don’t have any of it. We also know when we are around someone who has good energy; and who sucks our energy away from us.

What is hard to imagine is the experiences we have including physical pain, disease and mental states all stem from our energy. If we are in a stuck energetic state, well, our lives and experiences are also… stuck. We become surrounded and consumed by negative energies and will often feel the world is against us. In other words, what you experience in the outside world is simply a reflection of your inner world; energetically speaking that is.

What I do

11377171_796401927095717_8067622331943737213_nWhen a group of people are together, there is a collective body of energy. It is unique to the group of people gathered. You may have been aware of this on a subconscious level when you had a group of people together say at a meeting and the energy of the group is flowing and feels good. Then someone new enters the room. It takes some adjustment to get that “vibe” or dynamic back again including the new person’s energy.

What I do is tune into that “vibe”, or body of energy of the individual or group and find the blocks that are ready to move.

During a private session, I guide you into what I call “tuning-in” to your energetic blocks by bringing awareness to them. I then give the intuitive guidance and practices you need to get those blocks moving out.

Here is what one client said about our work together:

Therapy does not work! I have been in therapy for years and found no resolution just like I was spinning my wheels. I call what Lauren does light energy work, it is hard to describe. At the end of a session I feel filled with light, hope and have exercises to do that reinforce the light in my life. It works! Light Energy Work works!
-from a very satisfied client

Think of your energy “channel” as a radio station. That station is unique to you. Most people in life, get out of tune with their channel. They are still on it because it’s theirs, but there gets to be a lot of static. The more static there is the more you struggle spiritually, emotionally and physically. Energetic blocks are your unique static. They are the things that if not processed, become emotional sand traps and left unchecked, eventually clog the channel so heavily they become physical ailments and even in some cases, disease. What I do is tune-in to your “radio station”. It’s kind of like going from listening to an orchestra to a single instrument. I hear all the parts of the instrument together but can still single out the keys that are out of tune. I then give you the guidance to bring awareness to the blocks or static and help you remove them so your channel is once again clear. it is a very enjoyable experience for people and can help people make profound changes in their life in a very meaningful way.

Think of it, in essence, as an energetic tune-up.

11168878_796400020429241_9054392630055816884_nMany people get a lot of clarity out of a single session, but the most profound changes happen from consistent work together. You will then become very clear on your patterns and how to maneuver through them with more clarity and understanding, as well as develop a very strong intuitive sense. Imagine your intuition on “super drive”. You will know just by feel when to hold, fold or walk away.

You will finally have the tools you need to not just feel brighter, but the blocks that felt like mountains will feel like…. nothing.

Want to experience this kind of freedom within and without?



Flash Focus Single Session

Flash Focus sessions are for first timers or for those who just want to get their feet wet. Maybe you are a little unsure of what “energy work” really is, or you have had a little experience in Reiki or something similar where you are not to sure “energy work” is really going to do anything for you. Think of this as your one-off, get-to-know-the-experience kind of session. First time sessions are usually pretty intense so make sure you have plenty of time and a quiet, private place for your session to happen. Please, NO DRIVING.

Sessions are done online using an online video portal, however we can also use Skype, FaceTime or Google HO. 

Also, be warned, when there is a lot of blocked energy, technology can be very dis-harmonious as well. This is a normal occurrence with blocked energy and nothing to get flustered about. We will get through it and all will be WELL

You will be connected with a calendar and directions for us to connect once you book your session. 

Intensive Focus Sessions Series

are for the person who wants to see change and increase clarity in their life.

You will see your patterns and have clear tools to navigate through the negative energy that used to trap you in the spider web.

You can choose to book 5 sessions at a time (one month) or 12 sessions at a time, (one quarter). The consistency of our work together helps you become very clear on what your path is, where your blocks are and HOW to move forward with clarity and intuition that is your own. I give you  guidance toward the tools YOU need to gain clarity, strengthen your intuition and make clear, bright, positive choices in your life.

Sessions are done online using an online video portal, however we can also use Skype, FaceTime or Google HO.

You will be connected with a calendar and directions for us to connect once you book your session.

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