Equestrian Club

Equestrian Club is a GREAT way for your child to be introduced to horses and riding!

Here are some answers for the FAQs of Equestrian Club

1. What Day and Time is Equestrian Club?
⁃ Mondays or Wednesdays (Wednesdays are now FULL). Pick up is at school, 2:30 -3 . If your child does not attend either Montessori School of BG or the Montessori Elementary, please let me know so we can make arrangements for your child’s pick-up.
2. Do I have to drive them?
⁃ No! I will pick the kids up and bring them back when it’s over for your convenience. Please provide all car seats and make sure the school knows, I, Lauren Doyle will be picking them up
3. Where do we pick them up when it’s over and what time?
⁃ Pick up is between 5:30 and 6 at the Stockdale’s parking lot next to Sam’s Club in Bowling Green. I will send a text when I leave the farm so you know exactly what time I will be at Stockdales.
4. Can I drive my child myself?
⁃ Yes! Absolutely! Just let me know you would like to drive your child and I will give you a discount to account for your driving
5. How much is it and what does that cover?
⁃ Equestrian Club is $135/ mos or $550 for the semester.  That INCLUDES transportation and snacks. You may provide snacks for your child if you choose. If we have to miss a day for weather or any other purpose, those days will be made up at the end of the school year.
6. Where is Equestrian Club Held?
⁃ Equestrian Club will continue to be held at Doyle Farm Horses near Franklin, KY.
7. Does my child need special clothes?
⁃ We do have helmets but if you can purchase a helmet for your child, that is ideal. You can find decent helmets for under $50 at Stockdales, Tractor Supply Co, or online. Ideally your child should have some sort of shoe with a heel, like a cowboy boot or paddock boot that you don’t mind getting muddy. If your child forgets their boots and comes in their sneakers, don’t worry, they will still get to ride;) Children must have appropriate clothes for the weather! Hat, thin gloves and a coat are a must in cold weather. The barn is warm but the arena is out in the open so they must dress for the weather. You are welcome to leave your child’s helmet at the farm and we will name-tag it so they have their helmet each week. A stretch-type pant is usually most comfortable, but jeans are fine too. If you can find a jean with a stretch to them that tends to me more comfortable. Wrangler, for example makes most of their jeans suitable for riding.
8. My child does cooking club, what then? (Montessori Kids)
⁃ No problem, they can stay for cooking club we will have make up days at the end of each semester
9. Will you expand to other days of the week?
⁃ As interest in Equestrian Club expands, we will expand as well! If there is a day of the week that would work best, send me an email and let me know!
10. Is it just you teaching?
⁃ No, I have an assistant, Shannon McCaffrey who taught 4H for many years and is wonderful with Children! She is a great and patient teacher who really knows her horsemanship.
11. What will children learn in Equestrian Club?
⁃ basic care, grooming and feeding of horses
⁃ tacking up a horse
⁃ how to handle a horse on the ground
⁃ all things riding! bareback riding, riding with an english saddle and western saddle
⁃ how horses think and how to communicate with them kindly but effectively
⁃ here are a few good articles talking about the benefits of being around horses for children and adults:
⁃ http://www.horsechannel.com/horse-community/10-reasons-why-its-good-to-have-a-horse-crazy-kid.aspx


12. Is There an age limit?
⁃ minimum age of 4, max to infiniti! Everyone is welcome at Equestrian Club. We will keep the ages and experience levels working together for the most fun.
13. What are your credentials?
⁃ I teach and train on an international level in dressage and western horsemanship. Feel free to explore the website to learn more about me!
14. If my child does not go to MSEBG or MSBG can they go to Equestrian Club or if I know someone who has a child that would like to go can they join?
⁃ Absolutely!!! Equestrian Club is open to anyone who would like to join.
15. Can I come and watch?
⁃ Of course! Just let me know anytime you would like to come and watch. All I ask is that you please exhibit observation manners as it is disruptive to have you shouting instructions at your children while they are learning.
16. Do I need to fill out a Liability Form? 
YES- all forms must be filled out and signed before riding. Please sign this form and send it in with your child or email it back to me. If you have already signed the form for 2017 you are all set.
17. What if I have multiple children that would like to join?
⁃ Fabulous! Reach out to me and let me know and I will make arrangements with you to help it be more cost effective

18. Will you have a Summer Camp Program?

Yes!   If you are interested in a Summer Camp Program starts Wednesday, June 7th.

19. How can I get Updates about DFH Equestrian Club and other activities?

Please add your name to the so I can keep you up to date!

If you have decided you would like your child to join Equestrian Club and you are not already on the mailing list, just call, text or email me so I can make the necessary arrangements. (615) 708-7444

Please make all checks out to Doyle Farm Horses or Lauren Doyle. You may pay with credit card or PayPal below.

I look forward to Seeing you at Equestrian Club!

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