Intuitive Performance Coaching

What is Intuitive Performance Coaching?

We hear the statement “trust your gut” all the time. But what does that ACTUALLY mean? 

People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes trusting our gut and using our intuition. Here are some of the biggest myths out there:

Myth 1: You are born with a set amount of intuition and some people have it stronger than others

Myth 2: When you trust your gut it has to be in alignment with logic

Myth 3: Intuition is woo-woo and is not based on science at all

Myth 4: Women are more intuitive than men

Myth 5: If you already consider yourself intuitive you don’t need help to improve upon it

Myth 6: Intuition is for “sensitive” people

Myth 7: Trusting your intuition is “risky”

All of these myths are FALSE. 

The most successful people on the planet; whether they are famous entrepreneurs, business leaders, creatives or athletes will tell you, they rely on their intuition and gut instinct to make BIG decisions for their business, life, new ideas or opportunities.


Intuition has many aspects to it that are not entirely understood yet, but so far in science, when one taps into their intuition or gut instinct, they switch to more “feel based” areas of the brain. In other words, they step out of the prefrontal cortex or the “chatterbox/ logic” part of the brain and into the movement and feel based parts of the brain.

When you tap into these other parts of your brain, you are able to sense things beyond what the logical mind can rationalize. As the brain gets more deeply understood, we find that many spiritual experiences and extrasensory phenomena tend to occur in certain regions of the brain with certain triggers. It is not to say these experiences are not valid, just the opposite!

Intuitive development is a product of having more control over more parts of your brain and your mind-body connection.

Intuition or Gut Instinct can be developed and exercised like a muscle. I have worked tirelessly to develop an easy to follow system to help you increase your intuitive awareness and build your intuitive muscle so you too can rely on your gut to make important decisions and have the confidence to do so.

If you are interested in reaching the next level in your business, life or career, I am here to help you make the most profound changes that no business or life strategy can teach you. Our private work together will help you become very clear on your patterns and how to maneuver through them with more clarity and understanding, as well as develop a very strong intuitive sense. Imagine your intuition on “superdrive”. You will know just by feel when to take action, on what and how.

You will finally have the tools you need to feel stronger, more energetic, and more confident than you ever have before. Pretty soon those blocks that felt like mountains will feel like…. exciting opportunities.

Don’t wait another day to discover your potential.