Training and Board


Our specialty is Dressage and Cross-Training Horsemanship 

We can:

  • tune up your horse to be sensitive and light the way you always dreamed
  • condition and train your youngster to become the confident, safe horse you envisioned
  • put the finishing touches on your horse from green to grand prix
  • re-establish basics for better upper-level movements
  • re-invigorate the connection between you and your horse
  • teach your horse movements they may be having a lot of difficulty or resistance understanding
  • help pinpoint and correct trouble spots for horse and rider

Board is only provided for horses in training, please call for availability

Board: $300 per month, includes all hay, grain and bedding. Owners must provide own supplements, specialty foods, pay the cost of veterinary care and farrier services. We provide full service board with ample turn-out.

Training: $35 per ride

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