*NEW* Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching, Dressage & Double Lunge


IMG_1238Travel, time and cost can be prohibitive when wanting to work with a coach you love who does not live in your area.

Many of my students across the country have expressed an interest in being able to continue our coaching relationship. I am very pleased to announce that virtual coaching is now available!


There are 2 ways to participate:

  1. Send me a video up to 60 min long and I will view it and send you audio comments as well a quick Skype call to answer any questions after comments are viewed/ heard. Videos can be reviewed with unlisted YouTube links or Dropbox.
  2.  LIVE lesson via Skype or FaceTime. Here’s what you will need to accomplish this:
  • laptop computer running the latest version of Skype (skype.com). There are Skype versions for windows and Mac oS X as well as a full complement of Skype apps for mobile devices, including Android and iPhone. *Please be sure if you are using a mobile device it has high quality video capabilities and zoom capabilities. Set Skype to “video call”.
  • HD video camera (compatible with laptop’s operating system) with audio/video jacks and zoom function
  •  high-speed internet connection or mobile hotspot (enough to accommodate live video feed).
  • Bluetooth hands-free headset (for the rider) connected to compatible mobile phone
  • A helper to serve as videographer

For our live lesson, you will live feed the video to me via Skype and I will call you on your cell phone so you can ride and hear me in real time as I watch you over video.



Choose One
Preferred Platform
Skype name/ FaceTime #
Email for Dropbox link