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“Lauren’s work with our jumper has been amazing. This horse went from not jumping at all, to being a willing participant on the flat, over jumps and reliable in the show ring. Lauren’s methodical ground work has our horse enjoying the double lunging, particularly, and the results can be felt by those riding her. Lauren has also worked one of our young horses off-the-track, and an improvement has been seen with him as well. Lauren is dedicated and spends as much time as is needed for each session. There is no rushing from one lesson to the next. She is methodical and patient with a kind hand. I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Lauren to anyone having their horse learn solid information whether it be ground manners, riding, or getting your horse to be happy and trustworthy.” – Mary Leadbetter, River Circle Farm, Franklin, TN


“Had the BEST ride I’ve ever had with China! Let me rephrase that; had the BEST connection and partnership while riding I’ve ever had with China. She came into the arena all hyped up (her normal self) and we did our groundwork (which thanks to Marvin Miller’s teachings, she calms down and connects with me pretty quick, but as soon as I start riding she’s back to panic mode). Today though, we played with the new things I learned at the Lauren Doyle clinic. Within five minutes she was so quiet and content a beginner could have ridden her. So after 10 min. I asked her to halt, which she did without pressure on the reins, just lowered my energy. Then I dropped the reins and she STOOD for 10 minutes without me once picking up the reins (and I started texting people and taking pictures and she never moved). She just stood so peacefully! She’s never even stood for 10 seconds peacefully before! Lol! So I ended the ride right there. After I got off, I decided to really test this and I asked her to join up and follow me. AND SHE DID! By now I was in tears because this mare never follows me after I’ve ridden her (she’s always in panic mode while and after riding. Before today she’s only been quiet and calm with groundwork). Wait, believe it or not, there’s more! After untacking her I turned her back out and she stood with me for 5 min. before slowly turning and with her head just below level she CALMLY and peacefully WALKED out to her pasture mates! This mare has always GALLOPED as fast as she can back to her pasture mates when I turn her back out. I couldn’t believe it, and tears of joy, and such heartfelt love for this mare and what she’s taught me, came pouring down my face! Thank you so much, Lauren, for taking the time with me yesterday to talk about some things I might try to help her relax and connect to me. You have provided me with the missing pieces and it’s made all the difference in the world! Thank you, Nancy, for bringing Lauren here to Rose Farm.” –Katie Garrett, R.O.S.E Farm, Makanda, IL


“Yep! Lauren Kesseler Doyle’s clinic was magic! She just kind of connected a few dots that we were missing before. Seminole was so relaxed and calm. He was still that way this morning.” – Lorie Allen, IL


“This was one of the best and most important pony weekends in my life!!!! Thank you Lauren and Natalie for making this possible! We enjoyed every minute of this amazing experience:)” -Renata DeWitt, Mesa, AZ 



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Intuitive Performance Coaching……..

“There I sat, listening to Lauren tout that she was officially out of the aesthetic medical sales business. I wondered why anyone would ever leave a career that made that type of money, and she revealed that she hated it and was just doing energy coaching and horse training. She explained that everyone has stuff they carry with them from childhood that weighs them down energetically in their adult lives. And if you know me, you know that I was expected to be an adult from 5 years old on and didn’t really have a “childhood”. After years of letting the wrong men in my personal life and the wrong partners in my professional life, I thought to myself, well, I’ve F’ed up this much thus far, so why not try something to change the way I acted and felt. I left the restaurant with a card and a curiosity, so I booked a session for the next week.
After one session of crying, understanding my feelings, and how much my behavior in life was directly contributed to being essentially told to raise myself, I already felt “lighter and brighter”!
So fast forward 6 months and I have learned to trust my intuition, take time for me, make a 5 year plan, verbalize it and make strides towards those goals each day, take time for my boys, my friends, and be appreciative for the good and bad, and reach out and tell people what a gift they are and try to give back each day.
From someone who became Catholic at 15 but has always been highly intuitive, it appeals to both my rational side as well as my creative. I cannot think of my life without this coaching in it, and am truly appreciative she has chosen this path and you will be too, if you just try”. -Laura Gilbert


“This morning I woke up and I said “Yay! Lauren was right!”. My skin is clearing up due an an over growth of candida that was discovered during our session. I would have never known and would have continued taking anti-biotics for my skin to make things worse. For months I have been fighting acne break outs and didn’t know why, after I did a a few sessions with Lauren expressing my problem I was skeptical at first with what she was saying but she was point on when it came to my diagnosis in my body. I took her advice to eating the right foods, getting off the alcohol in order to find the right balance for my body as well as doing therapeutic sports activities. And today I finally woke up to celebrate that I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel to the end of my acne break outs. I really like my sessions with Lauren because I aways feel more calm and I learn how to heal my mind, heart and body. I can’t live without my sessions with her. Her gift is truely amazing.” J. Evans, Los Angeles, CA

“My work with Lauren Doyle concerning my energy has been life changing! I was suffering from grief from my Mom’s death, anger with my sisters concerning her estate and tension between my husband and I over it. Lauren worked with me on how to shift my energy toward the light, away from the darkness. As a result, I feel SO MUCH BETTER and have better relationships all around.
I’ve learned to recharge my energy in a way that is working.
Thank you Lauren! I can only hope others have the opportunity to work with you and feel the joy that I feel!”
Taryn Seeley, FL

“I am deeply honored to share my experiences with Imagine Movement. Lauren and Alysen are a dynamic team in the Energy Work field. They create a relaxing atmosphere to help engage you in their specialized energy work. It is a plus+ that it is in the privacy of your own home!
I have found Traditional Western Medicine is not holistic and focuses primarily on symptom relief. The end product is that the core problem may not always be remedied. Therefore, I believe in healers that get to the “core” problem and who teach their patients “self-care” & “prevention”.
Through their Energy Work, Lauren & Alysen promote you to look within yourself and find what works for you! They each tackle different aspects of an individual; Alysen focuses on the physiological (body) and Lauren concentrates on the mental/emotional aspects (mind). The combination of this mind-body connection can make for a spiritual experience, as it did for me!
I have had previous experience with energy work such as Acupuncture, Reiki, and Guided Meditation. I have also felt the benefits of moving or releasing the energy that gets “stuck” sometimes. However, these methods are not always an option for me. I learned about the services offered by Imagination Movement in Energy Work and decided to give it a try! I enjoyed Lauren & Alysen’s approach “to help you help yourself!” They provide you with tools to help you heal yourself at each session.
Prior to attending their online sessions and one individual session, I felt very stagnant. I was constantly irritated, angered, exhausted and just felt stuck in Life in general. After my first individual session, I could not believe the weight that was lifted and I felt a renewed sense of hope and direction. The online sessions helped me to incorporate the mind-body connection and move the stuck energy which was literally making me sick and causing physical discomfort. Alysen provided techniques I could use to prevent and alleviate physical discomfort and also took the time to explain the process of it all-very helpful! Lauren’s unique ability to “tap into the Universe” along with her guided mediation helped rid me of emotional toxins and receive messages that I have been unable to hear. I believe this combination acted as a powerful force to propel me toward true healing!
Overall, my experience with Imagination Movement has been extremely positive and I have already referred friends and family! I would encourage anyone to give this a try, especially if they are feeling “stuck” in any aspect of their Life. While, there is still work to do, I find that I have a lot more energy to be productive in Life again!” Neela, Colorado